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  • Keyless car key signal blocker case pouch stitching with shielded material which stop thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening car, stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
  • Pouch bag for car keys back to one layer design with the durable high quality material , which guarantee the case working greatly even after longer period of use.
  • The pouches RFID signal blocking pouches blocking all signal for all device which can put in. No need considering of model and brand.
  •  Colour: Black
  •  Fold Size: 15*9cm, Open size: 20*9cm
  •  Secures credit cards and RFID chips from hacking
  •  Protects staff personnel access cards from being copied
  •  Allows a spare keyfob to be stored in a vehicle (the vehicle doesn't know it's there, so it will allow itself to be locked).
  •  It can be cleaned with wet wipes
  •  Retail Package Includes: 2 x Signal Blocking Bags
  •  Key fob in picture excluded

RFID Key Pouch Anti-theft Remote Car Key and Credit Card Signal Blocker

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